Heavy seas secure aft lookout

Seaman Ward was reporting to bridge for noon watch. As I made way to the bridge I could tell seas were bad ship was slamming into waves vibrations fore to aft like a rattlesnake shaking it's tail. Before reaching the bridge I went to starboard deck blast door breezeway I waited for the ship to come up on a wave. I opened blast door and sip began its decent into wave, SPLASH the bow disappears below the sea the wave rises 40ft it's coming towards the bulkhead I close the blast door luckily in knick of time. Whew close call. I finally reach the bridge. Sean Ward reporting for watch! Seaman Ward were are securing all weather decks fore and aft Slammed another wave hits the ships shaking helms having real trouble keeping minding helm. Seaman Ward go to aft lookout comma are down we can't reach him go get seaman Teague and secure aft lookout! Aye sir! I make way to aft ship thru port tail pay you know the one where trash is stored while at sea! I open the door I see the ocean disappear the propellers are out of the water the ships engines speed up the vibration get worse then the sea rises super fast slammed huge crash waves so the deck as close the door.
I open door again I look for aft lookout I barely see him tucked down low between harpoon launcher frame. I run out I tell seaman Teague to come in aft look out secured all weather decks are secured. I start to move towards the bulkhead to go in Teagle right bhind me too late the ship rises higher the before I swear 75 ft waves or more I could not see sky the waves were so high I tell Teague to hold on I jump to reach a ship to shore line stanchion it's about 2 ft thick I hold on tight Teague grabs my dungaree covered right leg because that's all he had time to do before another wave crashed on us it was the most force of pressure I ever felt the entire aft tail got hit with the wave I couldn't see any t hing we were completely soaked I found my glasses next to funnel almost washed away we could have been washed away and nobody would know for sometime we heading into berthing to change leaving a trail of water all way to berthing I mean drenched to toe socks, skivies, I mean soaked. Me and Teague will have a story to tell for long time. Seaman Ward 93 to 95

- Patrick W.

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