As an Army guy…

From 1961 to 1963 I was a US Army veterinary Corps officer. I was assigned to Philadelphia where I was also on the staff of the now defunct Philadelphia Navy base. My duties were basically sanitary inspections of various facilities. I had two notable experiences: the first was when I was inspecting the marine barracks at the Navy base. There were four of us, the Mess sergeant, his assistant and the commanding officer of the Marine attachment, a captain. As we went around the kitchen and prep area I pulled out a bin from under a counter. I had a sloping lid. I lifted the lid and there were a whole lot of cobwebs underneath it. I pointed it out to the Mets sergeant and And said “”SARGE this WONT Do. The officer, behind me, took a hissing in breath. I knew the sergeant was in for big trouble, letting that army guy find a problem.

My second adventure consisted of being asked to do an inspection of a submarine that has been returned from a lEND-lease program To one of our Middle Eastern allies. The galley was a single filthiest kitchen I have ever been in BAR none.. I found out later that the boat had been scrapped,, although I’m sure that my little part was only a small fraction of the reasoning.

- Fred O.

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