Be careful what you use for a template

During my time with the seabees we had our Field Exercises in homeport and while deployed. These consisted of building structures we would use in wartime, and in peacetime. one of the structures was called a 4 hole burnout. More commonly called a outhouse, shithouse etc. Its a small structure with 4 holes in the seating area with half a 55 gallon drum underneath it. I had just got off patrol and was going to shower and hit the rack when I was tasked with showing some "Fleet Officers" around the camp. I obviously was not in the mood to do so but "Can-Do" Senior Chief! T started showing structures and fighting positions to the young Officers when we came to the Burnout. A young Female ensign asked : How do you know how big to make the holes in there. I was tired and told her: We were using the XO's butt as a template but we kept loosing people! They laughed, i Concluded our tour and went to the shower tent.. Two months later we g\had dress inspection in Gulfport. We got the XO as our inspecting officer. He came to me, looked me up and down, then asked: Did we loose anyone in the burnout on fEX? I answered No Sir! Glad he wasn't doing a Skivvie Inspection!.

- Scott R.

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