Meeting a true icon from World War II

This actually has two parts ... first one was during the 1980 election and each party was visiting all over the states and George H W Bush visited my home town as the VP candidate with Ronald Reagan.

As a paramedic and being on duty that day my unit was chosen as the designated "medic" for his various stops ... as I was with the entourage ... stood with a postal inspector that was called for a special duty assignment for the travels of Mr. Bush.

He explained that I should keep my hands in front of me ... never turn my back on the group as it moved past and we moved to an area that he know would be the path for Mr. Bush as he exited the hall.

Almost on a lark ... at 42 years old I volunteered for a reserve slot as a corpsman .. I had a two year degree in emergency care and was working as a state paramedic. ......................DAMN .... two weeks after my first contact I was called by the recruiter and was told that "The Bureau" had said .. SIGN HIM UP.

Initially entered as an HM2 and immediately began to complete all the signoffs needed to take the E6 test ... this began in 1988 and as time progressed we made an application for the paramedic NEC and as it was being considered and then accepted the call up for Desert Shield began.

My detailer was an O6 out of the Indianapolis ResCen and she notified me that my recall would be to Naval Hospital Patuxent River and would be for at least 6 months. I was able to tell her that the NEC request WAS approved.

While we were at PaxRiver a special speaker was announced and I immediately signed up to set at a program presented by George H Gay Jr LCdr USN Retired.

Mr Gay covered many things and was quite hilarious at times .... explaining that after his rescue and being taken to an Evac Hospital the doctor came to examine him and remarked "Mr. Gay your wounds are in great shape" .... Mr Gay said that he leaned back and said .. "Well you dumb s** ** * ****h .... I was soaking in salt water for almost 48 hours"

Meeting these men truly ARE high points in my life

- Jerry S.

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