Damaged 5 inch shell and fuse and "this ain't no sh@t"

During a WestPac cruise and a NGFS mission we were rotating into the handling rooms etc to give GM's and others a break.

I was in the handling room marked A in the picture and we heard a heavy BAM ... a scream from magazine ... up through a scuttle comes a 5" HE round and it has the fuse dangling by tiny wires .... it was dropped before it could be placed in a rack for movement.

As I moved to secure the round ... and had it nestled in my arms I turned to move out of the handling room and on to the starboard side aft I turned face to face with a great friend ... an Engineman 3rd class and he took the round from me .... as he exited onto the main deck and with my hand on the door to swing the QA handle down ... we heard a horrendous explosion and the QAWTD (B) slammed shut.

Seconds later the door opened and my friend entered the compartment ... as he had gotten to the gunwales mount 54 fired off and he .... well he did pass out among something else .. .he IS okay .. .went on to retire as a GSSC .... you can ask him what else happened that day ..

- Jerry S.

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