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What not to do on the flight deck...

2006, my first year underway. I was a line rat stationed with VFA-25 "Fist of the Fleet". Many reminders in the line shack of, "keep your head on a swivel" and "watch your six", saved my life the day that I almost was sucked into an F/A-18 that I was servicing during my day shift. After bleeding out and re applying the hydraulic fluid, I stupidly followed my shipmate near the turning intake. I've felt the safety shooter's hand grabbing my float coat, seconds away from becoming engine food. I received a well deserved butt chewing that day. Once I got back to the line shack, I got my butt handed some more. "What were you thinking, Reyes?" The LPO asked me. I admitted that I got stupid and should have paid attention better. I was reminded that all rules and regulations are written in blood. I've taken that lesson with me, long after I became an ABE.

- Nina R.

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