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Work the Lizard Line

I had just got aboard the USS Haleakala (AE-25) at Subic Bay Naval Station in the Philippines in December,1971. I was a recent graduate of the Navy's RD Class A school. The Radarman I was replacing still had about 3 months left on his enlistment. I was sent to First Division for the next 3 months. On our first deployment to Vietnam ,we had to do an Underway Replenishment with the Nuclear Powered Carrier Enterprise. I was assigned to man the lizard line on Winch#1, we were manned and ready as the Enterprise approached alongside .We spot our line to hook up with their winch and were all ready to start sending supplies. The Captain of the Enterprise got on his intercom and said ,for everyone to hear, "Bravo Zulu, Station 1".... An ego boost ,if there ever was one. This was the beginning of my Naval Service.

- Jim S.

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