Coffee mess duty

So I served aboard USS CONSTELLATION CV64 FROM Nov 85 to Sep 89, but in my early days in Fox Division (guided missile Fire control on the NATO Seasparrow sms), I was assigned the coffee mess. I had to go in early, make the coffee, ensure the supplies didn't run out. I did this for several weeks, even though there were three other fng's that came aboard around the same time I did. And I didn't like that. So, I hatched a plan. The mess was equipped with one of those aluminum 55-cup electric percolators, and making a pot only took about one cup of that nasty guv'mint coffee to have decently nasty liquid brown stuff. So, I put in four cups, IIRC, and sat back to see how things would unfold at morning quarters. Well, everybody figured it out, I copped to it, I was rotated off that duty. one complained about the coffee....

- Andrew T.

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