Small world

Saw this gentleman online while looking up Navy stuff. Told my girlfriend that I'd love to meet a guy like him someday. Seemed like the real deal. Told her he was a retired navy seal and had a waxed mustache which is old school excellence. She looked at me funny and asked his name. I said "Master Chief Davis" to which she replied "you mean Hershel?" Stunned i told her she was correct. Turns out the good Master Chiefs daughter and my girlfriend were high school pals in San Diego and she had known the master Chief well. She called Amy to tell her the story. A few months later we found ourselves in the Texas hill country at Amy's wedding. We went to the house to meet with everyone. I met Amy and her fiancé among others and waited for the moment master Chief Davis would show as he was staying in an apartment on the property. The girls left before he arrived as they had spa appointments so the bridegroom Randy and myself started to head outside to do some work when a loud voice echoed down a long corridor. Master Chief Davis had arrived. We approached each other and I heard "who are you?" Mike I replied to which "Mike who?" Met my ears. My girlfriend told me he could never pronounce her Filipino last name of magtoto so he affectionately called her Mag Tomatoes. I smiled and told him I was the boyfriend of mag tomatoes and he let out a roar Of laughter and pleasure. Now we spoke at length during our trip. We both were in the navy and he was intrigued about my job as a firefighter. We shared stories and gentleman Jack whiskey and enjoyed the weekend. When it was time to go we shook hands and I felt something inside our grasp. He turned his hand over mine and said "Mike you're a good man. Don't ever let me catch you without that in your pocket." In my hand was a newly minted UDT seal challenge coin in the shape of a divers flipper. I was nearly brought to tears as I admired it. The weekend wasn't nearly long enough but what a wonderful time we had! I got to meet that navy seal I had read about and attend his daughter's wedding. Truly incredible to say the least. Looking forward to the next trip!!

- Mike L.

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